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Thread: restoring files

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    restoring files


    does anybody know how to restore deletet files under linux?

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    i know you could do this by editing that inode/s where your deleted file is located using, probably, debugfs. is this an ext2/3 FS? i onced read a few things about this when i wanted to edit my files' timestamps. though there was an easier solution to it, but what came after i i did a Google search were inode stuff and how to undelete files. why don't you try to Google your question instead. lots of examples on how to do this as i remember it. you won't have to wait.. .
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    u reminded me od a painful problem.. i once tried 'rm -f ~'. the data loss was trememndous. It was then that i found out that if u are using ext2 filesystem ur inluck, there are a lot of howtos on recovering files from deleted ext2fs. However if it is an ext3 fs, ur out of luck, As far as i remember ext3fs has a journalled filesystem and the changes are commited immediately to the harddisk. There are a lot of questions posted regarding that, but a fefw articles convinced me that recovering of aan ext3 filesystem is virtually impossible..

    hope this helps
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