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    Linux on a 133Mhz and 125k, yes thats k, of RAM?


    I have obtained a microcomputer with 133Mhz clock speed and 125k of ram, it has a floppy drive for installs and a 20GB HDD, so hard drive space isnt a problem, But i cant seem to get round the ram and floppy issue.

    Is there a distro that supports this sort of machine?

    the URL with the specs of the machine is

    if you want more info on it

    Your help is greatly apreciated


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    For what it may be worth to you ...

    I have an "old" Dell Latitude CPI, uses a 33mhz CPU and has 125K RAM in it. Works fine with v7.0 Mandrake. Also has Win98 on it, and both OS work fine.

    If I may suggest, look for an "older" version of Linux software for the "Old" machine. You might be pleasently surprised at just how well the "old gal" will perform in Linux for you.

    Hope this helps.

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    I find it very hard to believe you're running Win98 with 128kB of RAM since it it requires at least 32MB to run (I still have a CD). Win95 wouldn't run on 128kB either, I don't have a CD for it, but if I remember correctly it needed at least 16MB. Win3.1 required 4MB and I know this for sure because I still have my Compaq Aero.

    Either way, I think you will find it very hard to run anything on that.

    But you're in luck, according to that website the controller has 8MB of RAM, not 128kB. Still doesn't leave you with a lot of options, but you can still run pretty much anything with a 2.4.x kernel. It will obviously need some work, but is doable.
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    Aw, dude, that machine is sweet!

    Anyway, to answer your question, I'd recommend an old version of Slackware. If you look in their archives, many of the earlier versions are intended for floppy installations (and were made to run on old computers). I must say, the oldest machine I've run Linux on was a 233Mhz P2 with 64Mb ram, but I was able to get a gui running (Xfree86 running IceWM, if I remember right) and actually make it a productive machine.

    Good luck, and have fun!

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