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    problems with multiple monitors

    i have set up my system to run 3 monitors (2 from an nvidia card, s-video connected to a tv and a standard monitor, and 1 from a savage) however, when i installed my third monitor (in xf86config-4) the tv and the first monitor, which before acted as two sepperate screens, are now functioning as a single screen. on top of that the new monitor is outputing in what looks like 16 bit (at best) though it reads as outputing in 32 bit. add to that when i attempt to move the mouse using the mouse keys, the cursor jumps to the 3rd monitor (which has the location 0,0 if thats important) and it wont move past it. (in fact it tends to get stuck in the 0 columb) i havent found a method to fix this yet and any help would be appriciated

    (btw i am running on sarge debian with k desktop environment if thats important)

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    did i give too little of information? certainly someone must have some idea of what to do.

    also the video card the 3rd monitor is hooked up to had the same video problem when i configured it to be the only monitor. (the card is not the primary card so i included pci:1:0:0 with it. the main card is the nvidia at pci:0:9:0. if that helps. the option on the nvidia cards are (off the top of my head) TwinView, twinViewOrientation "LeftOf", and one for the tv resolution and vertal synch (forgot the exact name of that option). there are no options on the savage card.)

    any idea of what to do?

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    Hello, sorry for not giving reply but I have a doubt that can we use two or more monitors, to watch a movie in one monitor and work in another like that?
    Please give me this information. I can do a project to make a single system work as a two or more with two keyboards, mice, and monitors.
    Thank you. my ID is

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    no it is indeed possible to have 2 monitors working so you can watch a movie on one and work on the other i have been doing that for years. (with a card that supports svideo and a tv that supports svideo you can hook the two together then add the "twinview" option with "leftof" "rightof" "below" or "under" to tell where it is reletive to the primary monitor.)

    that i know works. the problem comes when i added the third monitor. i had to add a new device section, screen section, and relation within the server layout section. but it did indeed hook up to be a third monitor (i specified "screen 2 leftof default screen" where default screen is the nvidia card, which is running out through the telly. i imagine the problem lies here with the fact that the tely is not possessing its own screen and is only getting it through the twinview option. so....screen 2 overode the option letting it be a sepperate screen. however i dont know what to do to fix this. i dont know how to make a seperate screen/device for the telly.)

    the colour problems with the third monitor happened when it was set up as the only monitor. because the nvidia card is considered the primary card, the savage card (through which the monitor is running) had to be set up with pci id 1:0:0 now i dont know if that has something to do with it or not.
    i know the card CAN support full colours and the monitor as well. so i havent the fogiest wehat the problem could be.

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