I am probably in the wrong forum, but I thought Id ask just incase...
I am creating a workflow in plone using argouml and archgenxml. I have been following the steps on the site:-

However I am confused at step 9 in creating the class section, where it says:
"Now, save this file as "ProcessImprovement.zargo". Pull up a command prompt and navigate to that directory. Make sure that you've added the ArchGenXML directory to your env path, and type the following:
C:\Sandbox\Plone\Tutorial>ArchGenXML.py ProcessImprovement.zargo"

I have saved the file in the location
C:\Documents and Settings\Tony\Desktop\Test\ProcessImprovement.zarg o
However I dont know what to type in the python command prompt!!!

Can anyone help my, I would be very greatful, or if I am in the wrong place do you know another forum where I could go as I have tried the plone online on and it is no good.
Thank you.