Hi all,

I have 2 computers, one which has mouse, keyboard and monitor, and one who only got power supply and network cable.

Now, I thought I read somewhere that it was possible to install linux headless and the installation output (the things that are normally shown on the local monitor) shown on a remote X server (on a monitor on a computer that is in the local lan).

Is this possible?
Can someone point me to the right direction?
I already looked in the ubuntu installation guide but cant seem to find what Im searching for.
Or is it only possible with certain distributions? and which ones?

I now I can do for example with moving the hdd to another computer or moving the screen. But I want to try it this way (I want some fun with installation it's not that I'm too lazy to move the monitor )

I also wondered how they install linux on a serverblade...?

Reply's are very appreciated!