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Thread: Squid

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    Hi I'm having troubles with squid under redhat 8.0 I've installed a few times and every time is shorter the time that i can use it I don't know why but the Squid doesn't respond And again I have to install every thing I've already check the config file for squid and it's the same that the original.
    At this point I'm geting crazy
    If somebody Have any idea I'll appreciate

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    Try telnetting to squid and send a general HTTP request, like the following, and see if it returns anything at all.
    GET /index.php HTTP/1.1
    (Please note the extra blank line)
    Then, check with ps, strace, ltrace and/or gdb what the squid process is doing. I don't know how confident you are with programming, but that's really the only tip I can give you.

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