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    RH Advanced Server

    I don't see anyone who distributes RH Advanced Server for a reasonable price, but I do see a developer distro is available directly from RH for $60. .....Anyone know anything about it?? It looks like it has everything the regular AS distro has.........

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    Ok a little off-topic. Im not going to start a distro war here..

    If you are going to use a GNU\Linux system as a server, I would suggest looking further into Debian. It has a exelent package system, and an online updating tool. For example, updating your hole system, would require to enter this as root:

    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade

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    Redhat Advanced Server comes with so much more then debian does. For an enterprise server, I would use redhat over debian. Plus redhat offers tech support which debian doesn't. There isn't much difference between the devel version and retail except that it is illegal to use devel in a production enviroment since you will violate all the licenses like oracle, veritas, legato, ibm, ect. Plus the errata for advanced server is not compatible for devel version and the packages for devel version is not updated as often and could just not be updated at all since its only meant for devel purposes only. If you are using this in a production enviroment, I would recommend not to use the devel version and either dish out the money for advanced server or use another distro.

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    Legato Networker


    We previously activated our license keys to the TLZ7 model tape loader. I will like to ask IF we incase we decided to change the tape loader from TLZ7 to TLZ9 model BUT with just in a different SCSI slot location, CAN we still use same license keys that we previously activated?

    Previously NSR Device:

    Tape loader: TLZ7

    Control port: /dev/mc9b --- Question: can we use this for TLZ9 model?

    Please advice.



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