this is stupid, but i can't figure out how to finness this go get it to work right.

basically, i have a repository directory in which there are x number of files, and there will always be x number of files. these files do not get erased, but simply overwritten by new files.

so what i need to accomplish is to be able to get a directory listing of this directory and compare this directory listing to one from 5 or 10 minutes before to see which files are different. because i know the number of files will not change, nor will the filenames, i will easily know which ones to download by just doing a diff.

the thing is i need to get this in an easy output, and by that an output that is easy for me to feed the filenames into something else.

is there a way to use diff or a way to format diff such that its output is simply a list of filenames separated by commas or something?

i basically just need something that i could easily pipe into something else.

anybody know of anything?

thanks a lot.