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    developing my own distro


    I would like to know, if I build my own distro from scratch, or I modify it from another distro, how do I make an installable iso like all the other ones have? for example, if I have a great system I have and I want to be able to send it to people as an official distro, how do I get it on a CD and create an installer like fedora/redhat/whatever and not just have an image of the hard drive. I hope people know what I mean....thanks.

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    Why? Do you know how many distros there are? Its already very fragmented.

    That said, basically all you are doing is taking a distro and changing the configuration. So why don't you just write a how to?

    Once you get that done the technical hurdles to actually creating your own distro will be lower.

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    Indeed, there are already a huge number of distros available, so unless you plan on making a distro that's really different, it's best to contribute to an already established distribution.

    If you still want to build your own, look at:

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    You can take a look the Ubuntu Reconstructor project. It will allow you to build a customized version of Ubuntu in no time.
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    ok maybe I didn't say it clear. I may distribute my own distro, but I mainly want it for myself. I will explain in detail. I am visually impaired and use a screen rereader for the gnome desktop. It is called Orca, developed in python. I want to construct my own distro so I can install all my own aps and have my own themes so I can distribute it to other people who have disabilities. and yes I know there are other distros that cator to the disabled but they aren't real distros. I am working towards a full gnome desktop distro with customization and accessibility and all necessary aps minus the games/other nonsense programs a blind/disabled person probably wouldn't utilize...Thanks.

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