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    inverted terminal emulator exists?

    does anyone know if an inverted terminal emulator exists? so you would always type your input on the first line and it would que your results on the next lines? i am in the process of writing one and i wanted to make sure it didn't exist before i put a lot of time into it.


    edit: realized i should have put this in general linux forums...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibanex22
    edit: realized i should have put this in general linux forums...
    Don't worry, I've moved it to Misc

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean? Inverted?

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    thanks, ultimately... it would "look" something like this:

    user:$~ <current line of input>
    results from previous input...
    user:$~ <last line of input>
    results from 2nd to last line of input...
    user:$~ <2nd to last line of input>
    results from 3rd to last line of input...
    user:$~ <3rd to last line of input>

    my theory is that you wouldn't have to move your eyes, i feel like it would be a lot more effective for day-to-day use. there would be a kindof 'downward flow' that stems from your current entry.

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    Wow, that's interesting. I've never heard of such a thing. I'm actually a bit surprised that Konsole doesn't have such a feature. Maybe you can consider extending existing terminal emulators to do it, rather than start from scratch.

    Out of curiosity, would the prompt start at the top of the terminal or at the bottom? It occurred to me that with current terminal emulators, you don't have to move your eyes once the screen fills up--the prompt stays at the bottom. It sounds like what you're proposing is that the prompt start off in one place, and then just stay there. Is that right?
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    yeah exactly. it would just be this static line of input that never moves. i pictured it staying at the top, so your eyes are more comfortable.

    what i was thinking is actually have it be some sort of piping process.. where you can open the program in any terminal, then have it pipe back and forth from a shell and display the results "inverted".

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    if anyone wants to help me out or just has an idea/suggestion, let me know ( it shouldn't be TOO hard...

    (i'm currently working in C with the ncurses library)

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