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Thread: Help me please!

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    Help me please!

    Hello, I have a terrible problem. I have 2 physical hard-drives: one 20 gb and one 40 bg. Everything was going ok untill I formatted Win98 (I have both Win98 and Mandrake 10 Community). I reinstalled Windows and launched Norton Disk Doctor. It said I had an error, i corrected it. Then, when i go in My computer (in windows) I see a new partition with strange characters. I decided to format this new partition on DOS. Now I have 30 gb instead of 60 gb (40+20) on my hd. The other part, when i go in partition magic, is called BAD. I really need help, I have not alot of money and i need this computer. Please help me i beg you.

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    I have read and re-read your post but am still not clear what you are doing. Can you still boot mandrake and 98? If not, i would use partition majic to delete the partitions on both drives and then to format the drive that you plan to install 98 in fat32. After 98 is installed, installl mandrake on the other hd and let mandrake take over the entire drive.

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    I have read and re-read your post but am still not clear what you are doing.

    I am in total agreement with you, Bender.

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    sounds like you need some back ground information.

    Linux uses a different form of file system to DOS or Windows. In DOS and Windows you generally use the FAT or FAT32 file system (FAT = File Attribute Table). nb. Windows XP can use NTFS.

    Linux uses either ext2 , ext3 or reiserfs (okay there are others but these are the ones that are generally used).

    Windows/DOS in fact any of Uncle Bill's operating systems MUST be put on the first physical hard disk. So if you have two and you try and put Windows/DOS on the secind hard disk, you'll have problems (there are ways around this, but they involve using GRUB boot loader and the 'map' function).

    Now, let me tell you a story of what happened to me recently. I have three hard drives. The first had (past tense) three versions of Linux on it. The second had Fedora core 1 on it and the third had Win98 and WinXP (using FAT32).

    I tried to install Win98SE, forgetting about the "Windows MUST be on the first hard disk " rule. The setup re-assigned the whole of my first disk as msdos and left disk three alone. I ended up having to reformat and re-install three different versions of Linux. Needless to say, I no longer have that virus known as Windows 98SE in my house, let alone on my PC.

    Having said all this, let us know exactly what you have running or not running on your PC and we'll see if, between us, we can sort you out.

    have fun


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