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    Esp not outside of the city. Here in wales we support a few SME's who run linux. we charge very little support as I have set them up with samba, static IPs SSH open. So I can remotely sort any probs out - this is a nightmare with windows.

    The other thing with windows is that if it is installed wrong - badly planned you must re-install. Active directory is not an add-in or a module but completely built in to the system. some albeit major changes to the settings can require re-installation.

    If you're looking at using Linux in business then employ a good sysadmin. or use something like fedora and get a good IT bod trained by RedHat.
    I just want to throw my 2 pence in on TCO issue here. Most artilcles and companies that have a vested finanicial interest will tend to tilt in that direction, no matter what. Its the "don't bite the hand that feeds you" thing.

    Good point brought up above and previously as well, rarely does any article or discussion take into account that you may work in a area with no trained personals and or management that doesn't want to pay for a linux professional that also documents his work.

    This is a key piece no matter what operating sys you use. No docuementation (which is boring to most of us) means we will pay $$$$$ in the future just to reinvent the wheel.

    Also local outside tech support availablitiy as well. Having no local hired gun when your mirrored drive goes out and you have no clue is a disaster. Again same for other OS's.

    My main point is these articles are rarely fair to any OS, do to everyone has something to sell like hardware, software, ad space etc... No objectivity on any side.

    \"Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer\" from The Art of War by Sun Tzu\"

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    How about locking this post as its a fairly obvious attempt to start an argument which will go on for weeks. No doubt this is the last post we will see from melinda

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    ahhh... the "other side" must be laughing at us. they post something and look how we pounce on it like a cat would on a rat! so much for the author of this thread. me thinks we've been had!
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    Do you have any links to these arguements? I'd love to see both sides and what the arguements are.

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    i bielive the book was translated from hte guy native language he lives in belgium anyway anybody that uses the agument that communism is not dead to justify a point is fascist supporter(ha) and anybody that thinks communism is dead(china communist parties) to them i say ive sneezed out more braincells then they have

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