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Thread: /tmp folder ???

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    /tmp folder ???

    Where ever i try to download xyz.iso linux distros on my computer, after a while i get a error mesg saying " not enough space in /tmp folder ".

    why is it like this?

    Even when i try to download in /opt folder, which is just one huge 2ndary 30 Gigabytes harddrive, it gives me the same message. Should make that secondary harddisk as one partition of /tmp ?

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    Are you downloading through a webbrowser like Mozilla? Because Mozilla stores the downloading files in /tmp while its downloading and when its finisihed it moves the file over the where you told it to at the start of the download.

    You could just start up wget and download the file to where you want. Remeber to start it in the directory you want to file to be stored.

    Good luck

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