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    Computer Crashing, Please Help

    I'm using gentoo linux and just recently my computer has been suddenly crashing very frequently. THis always seems to happen when I have terminal windows open. I tried using xterms and instead of the whole computer crashing all the xterm windows crash at one, it seems to effect the internet connection as well. I have done my best to make sure my comp is not over heating and have run 2 seperate programs to test my RAM and they have found no errors. Any ideas? Thanks,

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    check the log files in /var for information. and xterm is _very_ unliky to cause a full system crash. It must be caused by something else. Possibly hardware.

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    So I checked the logs in /var/log and didn't find anything around the times the system crashed. I have noticed that it crashes most of the time when I'm using ssh, but not always, but it almost always seems to crash when something internet related (ssh, downloading something, etc) is running.

    What hardware could be having problems... I run windows in another partition on this comp, and it has no problems.

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    When I start up my comp it prints this on the screen a bunch of times:
    modprobe: modprobe: can't locate module block-major 135

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