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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon43
    Stripping down to just a mouse, keyboard, & HD. I get to the same place and it stops.

    BIOS shows the 750 or 850, which ever I have in, tried both, runs through the RAM, does the IDE cable check, say that there is no 80 pin IDE connected and then flashes like it is going to the Windows splash page but it does not, just that dark purple not quite black blank screen like before.

    A guy on the AMD boards said I had to update the BIOS and another siad that is a last resort because AMD is bad about getting that right and I could lose the whole computer. :: sigh :: I have the $$$ invested in the CPU's. I hate to just not use them. I just put the 600 back in, connected it all and it is just fine.

    I be cornfused........ ::: sigh ::::

    Did you change the ribbon on the HD?
    there is no 80 pin IDE connected
    Maybe knock it loose?
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    I finally got it. I had to update the BIOS. that was a first for me.

    The 850 is working good now. I will test the 750 when I get the chance.

    I will change over the wifes computer when I find another 'Slot A" MB to put in her machine. They seem to be hard to come, LOL

    Thanks for all the help.

    I'll be back.

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