I am new here and have a problem that I cannot seem to find any information about.

I have an ftp server that is to archive data that is being uploaded every second (small separate image files below 60k each). The archive occurs daily. The script archives by renaming(using mv command) the current storage directory to a new name and then it creates a new directory to replace the now missing storage directory. I expected that the FTP upload would start uploading to the new storage directory again once it was recreated. The problem is that the data is being uploaded to the old folder that is now a different name.

I know this is very confusing and I hope that you can understand the problem. I am using vsftpd on suse. The partition that the anomaly is occuring on uses the xfs filesystem. All upload is from an ip linux-based camera that is set to always upload to the same storage folder.

What can I do to fix or prevent the problem? I have many ideas for a storage server and may have more questions later as I implement them.

Thanks for any help in advance,