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    XP disconnection problem

    I have a question for you brainy people, and no I am not going off the deep end. I have from time to time have had disconnecting problems. I have been paying a little closer attention to it lately. And I have come up with this idea of what might be happening.

    I have DSL, AT&T, Yahoo, XP, sp2, IE7, good computer, and am real good about keeping it running as smooth as I can. Careful about what I look at and download.

    Now here it is, I can be on the computer for say 2 or 3 hours at a time, sending e-mails, researching, etc,. Everything is running along smoothly. The little lights on the 2wire router/modem stay steady. When I am done I always drop down to me desktop, just a habit. Now if I am gone for some time with out using it, when I do click on to check my e-mail say for instance, it will just sit there, hesitate. In order to get it to start up again, I have to boot it. Meantime all the lights on the router stay steady green like it has not dropped me but possibly Yahoo has.

    Is it possible for Yahoo to say after there has not been any activity on this computer for a certain length of time to drop me. I do remember like most of you have when AOL did that after I think 10 minutes of inactivity, but you did not have to reboot. And what I mean by when I say reboot, I mean go back to the shutdown and click on restart. I have tried just clicking on the IE icon, but that do do it. I have the go to sleep mode turned off too.

    I know this is sort of far fetched, but thought I would ask anyway....Thanks........Gunny

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    You realize this is a forum for questions about the Linux operating system, correct? You might find a kind soul willing to help you with XP problems, but that's not exactly our area of expertise.
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    first get the ip address of your modem then login to it using ie. Check to see if it is set to always on or auto. If you can change it to always on, they come defaulted to auto or temp something similiar. You can find most everything threw google searches.

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