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    Framebuffer with nVidia

    1. I just read the "framebuffer howto" from this forum and got it working. Because I'm using an nVidia card, I am told that I can use the rivafb instead of the vesa to do this as well. If this is true, would changing to rivafb improve anything?

    2. On the following code, I have a question regarding the last line
    default 0
    timeout 7
    title=Gentoo GNU/Linux 1.4 with framebuffer
    kernel=(hd0,0)/boot/bzImage root=/dev/hda3 video=vesa:ywrap,mtrr vga=0x31A
    The kernel option for the video is something that is new to me. Can someone explain to me what it is and where I can find the right documentation to do the reading?[/code]
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    Hmm, I was fiddling around with fb as well.
    You can get something in the kernel source code docs.

    Something like that
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