Hi all!
I have met a trouble upgrading my web/dns server running Slackware linux.
The upgrade process has been splitted into two distinct steps: kernel upgrade and hard disk upgrade.

Well, the first phase has passed easily and I haven't encounter any problem..., documentation is great!

Problems came with hard disk upgrade. I followed the "Hard Disk Upgrade Mini How-To" (http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Hard-Disk-Upgrade/)
After the copy of files from the old disk (ext2) to the new one (ext2 also, but with larger partitions) some problems arose.
In fact the command to compare the two disks after the copy, find / -path /proc -prune -o -path /new-disk -prune -o -xtype f -exec cmp {} /new-disk{} \;
tells that there are some differences in some files.

Looking with vi I saw that it's true indeed.. Some characters are different!
Example, in apache log file, there is a line where a '1' become a 'y' in the word 'May', and so on.

I have copied some hundreds of thousand of files, and just a little percentage seems to be "damaged", but I need to know the cause of this fact.

Would you have some helpful idea?

Thaks for any reply,

P.S. I ran memtest and hard disk diagnostic, kernel recompilation and hardware results to be ok.