1. how to set labels bottom margin? 2. how to set all labels to be right to left typing? 3, 4 followed

very frustrated.
my labels paper sheet are:
105X35 mili each label
2 columns
8 rows

1. there is no bottom margin that should be like the upper.
how do i set bottom margin?

2. how do i set all of the page labels to be right to left writing formating?. i use right to left language.

3. how can i make one file with many many pages of labels template?

4. how can i fill the labels template with text for each one the is separated by two enters? meaning the there is one empty sentence and then another text for label.

5. i want that when the text pasted the text will adjust itself the the label space? how can i be sure that when i do step 4 the text will not exceed the label space?