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    which filesystem supports very large files (> 4Gb)

    Hi there,

    When downloading the new dvd.iso for fedora core 2 I was painfully reminded of the fact that the maximum filesize of ext2 is 2Gb.
    This can be anoying when you find out that your 4.1Gb download of an dvd.iso halts after several hours without a decent error.

    So my question,
    who knows a linux filesystem that can deal with files larger than 4Gb

    I say 4 Gb because this happens to 2^32 which happens to be the largest number you kan squeeze in an 32 bit number.
    Which explains why so many filesystems can't go beyond 4Gb files.

    Oh one minor detail , I do not have access to an 64 bit computer so that one is no solution for me as well :P


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    maybe XFS? Here is a howto, but you may need to do some more digging to see if it can handle such large files.

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    Hi there,

    I googled xfs and think I found the main page on it, I'm going to give this a try as soon as I can get my hands on some more HD space


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     Max. file system size Block sizes Max. file size 
    XFS 18 thousand petabytes 512 bytes to 64KB 9 thousand petabytes 
    JFS 512 bytes blocks / 4 petabytes 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 bytes 512 Tb with 512 bytes blocks 4KB blocks / 32 petabytes 4 petabytes with 4KB blocks 
    ReiserFS 4GB of blocks, 16 Tb Up to 64KB Currently fixed 4KB 4GB, 2^10 petabytes in ReiserFS (3.6.xx) 
    Ext3FS 4Tb  1KB-4KB 2GB
    sorry for the unreadablility of this table here is the original link:

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    now that's a VERY usefull link

    I'm think I have to choose between XFS and JFS, anybody know which one is the most mature/stable , and works best with fc2?

    thanx dude

    (now I only need to backup a couple 100 Gb of data , put another filesystem on my drive and restore the data ......sigh .....anybody got a spare HD ?? )

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    I can't tell you how it does with Fedora, but I can tell you i did not like JFS on Gentoo. It isn't a walk in the park to get working... apparently it does not support some type of Character Foratting package (kbd i believe its called) so i had to append "chario="utf-8" or something to that extent while mounting it. It kind of worked then, but eventually Portage apparently died on me. It was not worth the effort.

    As for XFS, I was concidering it, but i read somewhere "Recommended for large-scale SCSI servers with UPS" so I avoided that, but it may be worth a try.

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