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    Here's a weird problem...

    I have Ubuntu installed on my laptop, never had a problem with it before. Last night I installed Beryl onto it to make it nice and pretty. Now... I noticed that every so often it'll crash back to the log in screen.

    Through trying to repeat the process, I think I have it pinned down.

    Pressing Shift+Backspace seems to be causing this. Before I installed Beryl I didn't ever notice this happening, and it seems to happen no matter which GUI I'm using (KDE, Gnome or xfce). I was looking at the Beryl shortcuts to enable effects and such, but I didn't see anything for Shift+Backspace.

    Anyone have any ideas on what's going on?

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    quit hitting shift-backspace. Why would you hit that anyway. I actually have ubuntuon my lappy too so I will test it for you.

    hang on!!

    OK so your are right that is weird
    I just hit shift backspace and it just stared at me. Hmm
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    Beryl is about as stable as a nuke sitting in a lava stream.
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