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    dd cloning to a larger disk partition resize question

    I cloned my Fedora 4 server hard disk (20GB) to a larger one (160GB) through the dd command. The process went ok but I have some problems about how to resize the partitions on the new disk (the reason of cloning was to have more space for /home and /usr, server is an egroupware installation)

    The disks have this structure:
    /dev/hda /
    /dev/hda1 /boot
    /dev/hda2 /usr
    /dev/hda3 /home

    plus an LVM. And this is where problems begin. I used the gparted live cd to try and resize but I got an error and I could only expand the LVM. I tried to do so but the remaining space (the famous 140GB) still appeared as not allocated...And anyway my goal is expanding /home and /usr which is not permitted.

    I understand very little about LVM management so I would really appreciate some help from you to successfully resize my partitions and have my server up and running again with 140GB more.

    Thank you

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    general method of cloning linux

    You can always clone it by using tar/sfdisk/fdisk/RIP commands, that's the universal method for cloning Linux, you can refer to my article at Linux Technical Resources: <font color=blue>Cloning a Linux server - scenery 2</font> and some other methods for cloning Linux.

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