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Thread: Dream Machine

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    Dream Machine

    Does anyone know if there is a distro out there which supports 64-bit ppc architecture? I know this wouldn't be a large market, it would pretty much be for Apple G5s, but hey, open source ethos - it's not for the money! And if this mythical distro happened to have any kind of decent multimedia-orientated stuf on it (tuxguitar, ardour, brighton etc) that would really be pretty sweet! Or should I just wait for UbuntuStudio and give up on 64bit-ness?

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    It seems to currently only be 98% (as opposed to 100%), but Debian seems to almost be there:
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    yikes, any idea what the 98% means?! so 2% of things you try to do will run at 32-bit? or 2% of things won't work?

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    Well actually it it turns out Gentoo has a ppc64 build. Only one problem, I'm scared of Gentoo, it seems to be aimed at people who know a heck of a lot more about computers than I do! Should I be nervous? The extent of my knowledge runs to a basic use of the command line, and I can just about install software from source provided it's just a case of tar - ./configure - make - make install! I might try it anyway if there are no reactions of horror to this....

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    Most of the stuff is installed as packages (.deb files, I do believe Gentoo is debian-based) from the package manager. Ubuntu also has a PPC version.

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    Most of the stuff is installed as packages (.deb files, I do believe Gentoo is debian-based
    Gentoo doesn't use RPM or DPKG, it uses its own package manager, Portage, it will compile everything from source but it will also handle dependencies and configure most of the things for you

    I'm not sure, but can't you run standard ppc distros on ppc64 processors just like x86?
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