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    need help about root password

    dear friends i have one cache box only work with webmin from connected lan it stop working i tried severel things but failed
    didnt have any boot disk or any thing like
    i connect monitor and key board
    at boot it gives only one line
    lilo loading cache.............

    then blank screen

    only way to break is ctrl-x
    it give prompt


    and at any command like linux single or any
    it reply

    image not found click[tab] to see the list

    then less then half minute it start again

    lilo loading cache..............

    and blink screen

    cache is working good only problem not work webmin unable to clean or errase cache directories full now and

    only way to log as root and repair the webmin
    didnt have root password
    try by mounting this cache hard disk in my linux redhat pc search all partitions didnt find --shadow --to release the password

    system is
    linux version 2.2.19

    hope understand what i need and guide for further step
    thanks for all who read this

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    if you have it mounted on another system, you may be able to chroot into it, and from there run passwd and reset the password. That should let you change it like that.

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    i try that but didnt succed
    didnt find the shadow also
    i see the lilo.conf
    password zxprtw
    timeout 50 seconds

    all this
    but didnt find root password
    this is the next step
    first i didnt get the login prompt
    it didnt stop
    if ctrl-x
    it give
    at this any command desplays reply
    image not found and then
    lilo loading cache.........
    blank screen

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    and keep in mind i am new to this have very little knoledge so please
    give me the comp command what to do
    i try to check deffrent files there is lot of gabril and@@@@@@@@@2&&&
    so not find any thing to overcome
    thanks again

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    You really need to phrase your question in better english if you can :) anyway.. boot your redhat system with the problem hard disk attached. from the redhat system chroot into the problem hard disk and then type "passwd" it will prompt you for the new root password.

    Type "man chroot" if you don't know what i mean.

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