Hi Users!

Atually i have developed my own mini linux .... which only supports basic utilities ...... like shell and
some basic Commands......
and then i create an image of this linux and put this on my usb flash stick using command
dd if=myimage.img of=/dev/sda1
and then boot my system using that flash drive .... and it done well .....but the problem is .......
when i check for the size of my usb flash which is actually of 128MB it gives me size equal to that of
the image size i.e. 3MB...how do i get this thing resolved.........plz help me

and what if ..i create patitions on usb flash one a little greater than the size of the image and other
for the left space .....i have also tried this one ..but it dont let me boot even .....what could be the

i have to do same thing for external usb hard drive