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Thread: nice value

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    nice value


    I have tried to use nice values, because I want to run some commands faster.
    Anyway, I don't know how to use it.

    e.g I have tried to use it like this:

    nice +18 grep 'something' *.cpp

    But I get error: file not found?

    Can I use it like above? It would be creat help, because some commands I run takes lot of time.

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    Linux Guru anomie's Avatar
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    Read the manpages for nice(1)

    You need to use the -n option to specify the nice value. You'll also find that you're making the process more nice (which I am pretty sure is not what you want). Note that you need to be root to specify negative nice increments.

    Also: Making your grep command less nice may or may not improve performance. If the process is CPU bound, you may see an improvement. If the process is disk I/O bound, you may see little or no improvement.

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    Thanks for advice anomie.

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