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Thread: AMD64

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    What is everyones experience with different distro's for AMD64 ?
    Library problems/package availability ??? etc

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    If you install gentoo, you don't have to worry about package availability. Just compile everything with 64-bit support. It won't necessarily take advantage of the 64-bit power. You'll have to check around for that sort of thing, but you should be able to get everything to build on the system.
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    I was 90% fixed on Gentoo.
    Mandrake 64 on 9.2 was OK but still 2.4 kernel and the 2.6 one I compiled then had loads of probs with the nforce drivers...

    MDK 64 10 from devel was a pig for urpmi sources... but the 2.6 kernel was noticably faster

    Gentoo was next stop but I think i need a later gcc to get extra performance on the 64 bit optimisation... and I am a bit worried about going to a new disto paradigm while doing something bleeding edge!
    (When I changed from MDK/RH to Debian it was like being a noobie again in some ways... familair files changed places and the whole modules.conf is different... (and apt was a complete mystery for a while)

    so I worried a switch to gentoo might be the same and at the same time Im playing about on the bleeding edge with the latest gcc !

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