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    The Day Windows Got Wiped

    It was today, for me.

    I had to save a database file; all of a sudden, in saving the file, the program froze, as if something else had interrupted it. Then, this obnoxious little window popped up:

    "Would you like to update your 'Powered by Sonic' products?"

    No, idiot, I wouldn't. Half the software that came with XP on my HP was crippleware. Notable in that category was the cdrecorder, which does a few useful things, then has that ever present prompt at the bottom of the menu. "UPGRADE".

    In other words, go online, fork over $$$, and be able to do what you should have been able to do with the program anyway.

    And then the db program crashed. "Unfortunately, this program has problems and needs to close. Would you like to send an error report?"

    Arrgh. Come on, now, all I was doing was SAVING the file -- when did I need to use 150% of the CPU to do that?!?

    At that point, I was having a very good Linux day. Not only was Debian up and fully functional, but I'd also test installed Fedora Core (on a new hard drive).

    So here's my error report, Mr. Bill.

    I armed the old photon torpedoes and blasted Windows to a fine spray of bits on the hard drive. Then I plopped Fedora Core down in its place, and am using the 2nd hard drive to try out some other OS options.

    But none of them will be Windows.

    So--the topic is: for those of you who have made the jump--what was the Day Windows Got Wiped for you?

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    for me windows will be wiped off my laptop as soon as i get my network back up and running (i jst moved and havent had time to work on it) but then i will beable to backup my laptop onto my slackware server and then erase everything from my laptop and put gentoo on there and i will be done with windows except for at work where we use windows but what the hell
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    It was the day I decided to reinstall it but also wiped a 3Gb hidden partition. Suddenly found it wouldn't reinstall. And my hd size went from 37 to 40Gb. Bonus all round methinks.
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    Maybe 3-4 years ago? I was experimenting with dualboot, messed it up and didn't see a reason to install one big security fault back on to my computer..


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    I was about 1 1/2 years ago when i started. It was just something new to try. Didn't like MDK 8.2 cause it didn't (and i don't think it does yet) like my NIC card. Annoying. Today, i'm a Gentoo user, so thats fun. Server still uses Windows though, so its not completly "wiped" yet.

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    I've been using Linux for about 3 years, mostly within the last 6 months, only use Windows for games every now and then..

    My gateway and Server boxes have been running Linux for about 2 years..


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    Installed RH9 when it came out...dual-booting. Installed it again about 2 days later...stayed in RH for about 3 days...Installed gentoo. Wiped Windows as soon as I found a dorm mate to let my park my Media temporarily.

    Been on gentoo for about 1.75 years with one re-install about 1.25 years ago. Never been happier.
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    i first had RH6.0 way back in 2000, for a couple of years or so. only used it for C and Java.

    now i've migrated to RH9 Linux since August 2K3. i use this great thingy 95% of the time, or just about all the things that it can do and do best, where Windows keeps on crashing!

    sad to say, i can't totally wipe it out as i have to play some games on Windows and i'm keeping it for a future Windows Programming subject we are forced to take in my course. huhuhuhu.. .
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    As soon as i get my internet working and learn my way around suse 9.1 i am wiping windows (or may just leave it on its HDD and store the HDD away somewhere). I cant wait, i really dont like windows that much.

    My main problem is that i study ICT/computing at college and they teach using Windows programs (such as Visual Basic and Office 2000) so i cant exactly get rid of windows at the moment and i'm not sure what they teach with at university (i'm gonna apply for BSc Computer Science in October this year)

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