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    Where to start learning coding

    I've been using gnu/linux nigh on 10 years. I've done plenty of networking, set up servers, built dedicated multimedia boxes, all sorts of things. But I've never learnt to program. Any opinions on where I should start ( languages, resources, etc)?

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    Take a look around this website:

    Free Programming Resources -

    Lots of free stuff available there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgarbutt View Post
    Any opinions on where I should start ( languages, resources, etc)?
    That's quite the can of worms you've opened there. You're likely to find a great many varied and contradictory opinions on what language you should start with. The site ozar linked to is probably a good starting point though.
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    advance linux programming is also a good book to start with.
    plus .pdf is freely availaible on net.

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    I am going through "Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science" by John Zelle. It's a VERY good intro to comp sci in general, and the Python language in particular. I highly recommend it. You can pick it up at Amazon fairly cheap.
    Also, Python is an easy first language to learn, from what I've seen. Much of it is in common English, not buried in strange symbols. And it works well with Linux, and is usually included in any given Linux distro. Also, several books are available free on line if you check Python Programming Language -- Official Website including a really good tutorial Python Tutorial and you may actually want to start with How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python .

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