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    [root@localhost root]#

    So, i was installing redhat at work today, and then when i was trying to login, after i entered the user name and passsword, it came up with a prompt like this
    [root@localhost root]#
    I have no clue what this means or what to do to get it to load linux. Any help would be apreciated.

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    That is linux. That shows [user@yourpc directory]#. If you want to start X and your GUI, then type startx (if installed). What you see there is linux in its purest form...and the best.
    If you love something, emerge it

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    (==) log file: "var/log/XFree86.0.log", Time: Tue Jun 15 10:36:25 2004
    (EE) Unable to locate/open config file
    (EE) Error from xf86HandleConfigFile()

    Fatal server error:
    no screens found

    ..... didnt work

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    which version of redhat did you install, and how did you install it?
    i've got 9.0 and with it, on the first screen of the install, you get the question "press <enter> for graphical install, or type text <enter> for a text-based install" so perhaps you did something wrong here. also with the possibility of deciding which packages you wish to install, perhaps you forgot to select KDE or GNOME, so that means that none of them, so no GUI, is installed.

    what you can do is install it now, how this exactly works with the GUI, i don't know, but you must locate the right RPM's on the install disks and type the command: "rpm -i <rpm_name>.rpm , this will install the package.

    if you got the right packages, you must be able to startx after a reboot.

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    ya, i selected both of the GUI things when i installed. is that my problem. if so which one is better... and i am running 9.0'

    alo, what is rpm?

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    You're fine to install both. Try both and see which one you like more. (when you get things up and running)

    rpm is redhat package manager
    its basically an easy way to install packages on linux, its somewhat similar to a windows installer.

    looks like maybe your xfree86 config file never got created.
    try typing in


    something tells me red hat 9 is where they got rid of this command though...
    if that fails try


    That command will try to start a gui setup screen.

    If all else fails, start the installer again from the cdrom (you shouldn't have to re-install everything) and try to choose something along the lines of "set up a window manager" or "configure display".
    its been a while since i've set up redhat so i don't remember what they call it..

    Does anyone else see the asinine-ness in having a config command for X that can only be run in a gui?????

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