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    LILO Boot AFTER install??

    hey, i installed redhat 9 on my comp, on a different hdd to windows, and then used the lilo boot loader, during the RH9 install process...and that screwed my boot so i couldnt get back to windows. now this was a problem, coz then i didnt really care for linux much and could boot off floppy, but i needed windows. but now i dont really care for windows much any more and was wondering how i would go about setting up LILO when linux is already installed??

    ne help is much appreciated. thnx, Justin

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    boot into linux (you can do that with the boot floppy right?) you will need to have an apropriate /etc/lilo.conf file something simmilar to this one from the gentoo documentation:

    boot=/dev/hda             # Install LILO in the MBR
    prompt                    # Give the user the chance to select another section
    timeout=50                # Wait 5 (five) seconds before booting the default section
    default=gentoo            # When the timeout has passed, boot the "gentoo" section
    # Only if you use framebuffer. Otherwise remove the following line:
    vga=788                   # Framebuffer setting. Adjust to your own will
    # For non-genkernel users
      label=gentoo            # Name we give to this section
      read-only               # Start with a read-only root. Do not alter!
      root=/dev/hda3          # Location of the root filesystem
    # For genkernel users
      append="init=/linuxrc real_root=/dev/hda3"
    # The next two lines are only if you dualboot with a Windows system.
    # In this case, Windows is hosted on /dev/hda6.

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    do u just create that file. coz that file isnt there...

    like create the lilo.conf and put the stuff u posted to me in it?

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    Redhat probably has some graphical bootloader config program. I have never used redhat so i couldnt help you there im afraid.

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    i have a s-ata drive. had problems installing rehat on that, and went to slackware instead. its been ages since ive used redhat, but try typing "liloconfig" in the terminal, or even in the console. i used the redhat "gui" lilo config program and had booting problems. i dont remember the program name. but if memory serves its in the control panel. sorry i cant be more help. hope this helps

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