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In case this helps anyone, I was able to install grub from the parted magic liveCD (though apparently just about any liveCD, including the pclinuxos one I had originally, would work).

I used:

find /boot/grub/stage1 (cant actually remember the filepath, but it was pointing at the file 'stage1' in a grub folder).
root x (where 'x' is the output of the previous command. x = the partition with linux on it that grub can see, e.g. (hd0,4) in my case).
setup (hd0) To actually put GRUB on the MBR

This worked perfectly, GRUB even found my original (slightly modified) menu.lst on the pclinuxos partition, so everything is fixed. I think I'll avoid the suspend button from now on though...

Thanks for the help with this. It made it really easy to fix, even though I hadnt a clue when I started!
Okay, I had a similar problem, but I chose to format my hard drive and put Vista on the first 25GB partition, then I added a 19GB partition for data (FAT32 so both Vista and PCLinuxOS could read/write without that buggy NTFS crap, then I created a 10GB Partition for PCLinuxOS, and left the last gig for a swap.

After a few attempts at installing PCLinuxOS again, I still couldn't get grub to work. I did everything above, but as it was the 4th partition, I entered it as hd0,3. PCLinuxOS recognized it as /dev/hda7 and I didn't think to try editing my menu.lst to (hd0,6) One would think that by using the GUI GRUB configuration in the Control Center, that this would have been fixed automatically...

So, now I am in Vista again, but I am going to try and boot from liveCD again, and see if (hd0,6) works. If not, I will try Parted Magic.