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    booting from Windows CD

    I want to replace an existing Linux installation with Windows, but I can't boot from the Windows CD. I don't have a windows partition currently, so I can't just repair that. In the BIOS, I've set the CD drive to boot first, the floppy drive to boot second, and I disabled booting from the hard drive entirly, but whenever I start up, instead of booting to the CD, GRUB loads. The same hapens with floppy disks. the only CD I've been able to boot is the Debian install CD. Does anyone know how to get the Windows CD to boot?

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    Try removing GRUB from the MBR.

    To remove GRUB... boot with a Windows emergency boot disk and run: fdisk /mbr


    Boot with the Windows XP installation CD and from the recovery console type: fixmbr

    If neither of those options are available to you, try using SuperGrub:

    Super Grub Disk Webpage: Download

    It's a good tool for working with Linux, or Windows boot issues.

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    for some reason, booting to my windows CD, or the recovery floppy I used (Bart's CD-Rom Boot Disk), doesn't work. It doesn't seem to recognise either as bootable (I've tried 3 different Windows CDs).

    It also won't boot the Super Grub Disk I just burned (same thing, skips right to GRUB)

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    Windows Installation CDs do not work after Linux Installation in some machines but If Debian CD is booting up fine then SuperGRUB CD should also boot up properly. How did you burn SuperGRUB CD? Select BURN Image to Disk option in your CD Burner Package.
    Download Windows 98 Bootable Floppy from Bootdisk.Com, boot from Floppy and execute this
    A:\> fdsik /mbr
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    ok, now i get it... after the Windows CD didn't work, I went back to the BIOS and set floppy as the only boot option. When that didn't work either, I forgot to add back CDROM. I fixed that, and the XP cd was able to boot and install XP. Thanks for your help guys

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