I am looking for something akin to the Creative Zen W that is compatible with Linux (Gutsy in my home) and was wondering what you would recommend. Price is an option, as the Zen W can be found online for around $200. Thanks for the stellar podcast, I took a moment to listen to LUG and came right back to LAS knowing I had already found the best. I will be using this device for both video (movies, television shows and podcasts) and music. I would really like something that has full Linux supported software as well, as with the Creative products under Windows. Such things as video converted, when needed, and possible media organizer. I've tried and liked Gnomad a bit as a note. Thanks all!!

I thought about going with a 12" Dell 410 with Gutsy on it, but I'm a bit concerned about battery life and that is somewhat important. Its hard to beat mobile device battery life with a laptop.

I guess since I don't have access to Windows, I need something with either "drag & drop" features or linux software. I like the Archos and Cowen devices, I'm just not sure about their compatibility. Thanks all!