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    Recommend me a device

    I am looking for a device has following features:

    1. Handheld
    2. Any Linux flavor
    3. Wifi/Wimax capable
    4. USB 2.0 port (and HDMI is prefect)
    5. Processor powerful enough to run Video encoder application (like VLCPlayer)
    6. Have a "very basic" touchscreen LCD display for device configuration like selecting wifi/wimax connection
    7. Preferably work on battery or USB power
    8. Price: under $200

    I looked at plug computer and fit-PC but they lack in-build LCD display. Something of the form factor of Dell AXIM or smaller may fit the bill but I suspect the program-ability and video processing power.

    Please suggest a hardware that can do all this and where I can run my own programs? I am open to both off-the shelf products or custom made product.

    Can Archos media players do all this? I mean putting my own programs to control display (Except that I don't really need that big display)

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    The latest Archos devices pretty much have the hardware that you are describing. In particular, the Archos 28 and Archos 32 are in the price range. These 8th generation devices support WiFi-N.

    There are, effectively no versions of Linux available for them beyond Android itself. In theory, MeeGo should be usable, but I have not heard anything about a porting project yet.

    The Archos 7HT (Home Tablet) sits in the price range (under $200) but it is not as well supported as the rest of the Archos range because it is a "Rockchip" device. So far, Rockchip has failed to support their chipsets with adequate programming effort. I have an Archos 7HT, and it does enough to fill some of my own uses, but my uses do not include video. There is a bad bug in the MP4 playback (and perhaps other Codecs) where audio synchronization drifts over time.

    The Archos 7HT also had a poor design limit of only 128MB of real RAM. This turned out to be too little for these types of devices, and resulted in poor expandability (ie, you cannot load many apps beyond the ones that it came with). The 8th generation devices use 256MB RAM which gives much better expandability.

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    The Nokia N900
    Nokia Europe - Nokia N900 - Mobile phone specifications
    may do your job - for the price you have to see in your own country

    it runs on maemo5 - a Debian Linux based OS basically with all the existing apps PLUS the debian packages
    32GB SSD gives a lot of space for a pocket size mobile

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