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    Droid X or Droid 2?

    I've never had a SmatPhone before but one thing is certain: I will soon be getting either a Droid X or Droid 2 from the local Verizon store.

    I've been researching them and both have pluses and minuses. I really like the Droid 2 keypad as it seems it would be a better fit for a computer oriented person but I've read where some are dissatisfied with its battery life. I'm leaning toward Droid X and am hoping if I ultimately go with it, I'll just adapt to the on-screen keyboard interface. There's no way to really know until I actually am able to "play" with one.

    I'd appreciate any input anyone has who is familiar with either or both of these devises. Thanks!
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    Let us know how it goes, if you do get one. I'm looking to get one this holidat season. Having someone with a little knowledge about buying one is a +.
    Are you looking at the phones on a website like AT&T or something else? How are you comparing them?
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    I haven't, but I do have a Google Nexus One (running Android 2.2 Froyo) and the virtual keyboard works very well. I really like the tethering and wifi hotspot capabilities. I was able to drop my Sprint data account after the 2.2 update came through and the ability to tether the phone to my laptop as a 3G modem became workable.
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    I don't know about those handsets because they're not sold here or at least aren't popular if they are. I run a HTC Legend and I'll probably upgrade to a HTC Desire HD in the new year. The SenseUI add-on interface is one of the snappiest and most integrated out there.

    I've been more impressed with HTC than any other manufacturer since Nokia in the late 90s/early 2000s. The only let down is they never gave me my Q3 FroYo update that they promised me for my Legend. :grr:

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    I just got a Droid X two days ago.
    I chose the X over the 2 because I prefer the bar over flips or sliders as I have a tendency to break things with moving parts. I wish I could say I weighed all the technical specifications but it came down to durability in my custody. Also I found the screen size a better fit for my 'older' eyes. Yes it is easy to re-size what your viewing but over a certain size what your reading can't all fit on the screen at once and it can take a long time to read that way. I though the clarity and definition were a bit better on the DX which helped manage how much larger I had to make type to be readable for me.
    My reason for wanting an Android phone was to carry my calendar and contacts [more than just their numbers] with me. I had done some research but wish I had dug deeper. I am finding out that the way to get your existing calendars/contacts into your phone is through a Google Account. I have quite a bit of proprietary work info integrated into PIM so I'm not interested in having that available to others via the web or even on the Google servers. It's only been a couple of days so I'm still looking into ways to put this on the phone directly.
    After purchase reading shows that Verizon Droid X has problems with the SD Cards. My phone doesn't 'see' the one that came with it. This seems to be common enough the the stores , after checking them, just replace them.
    I have 30 days to work with this item and be able to return it with only a 35.00 'restocking fee' so the jury is still out.

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