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    Best smartphone + linux server + email combination ?

    When it comes to making a smartphone talk to a linux-based email server, does any particular smartphone combined with any particular flavor of linux and/or email package stand out from the pack as especially easy to implement ? Or, conversely, any smartphones I should especially stay away from ?

    CURRENTLY: Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 which includes integrated MS-Exchange. Four users with Blackberry 8100s (1st gen 'pearl's) connected to the server via 'BES Express'.

    MY LINUX EXPERIENCE: I'm no 'Guru', but I've built several linux workstations and laptops (Scientific Linux 6 and Fedora 14). I can kludge the occasional script or text file, but I'm no programmer.

    GOAL: 1) Replace the MS SBS 2K3 server with a Linux Server running an email package. Leaning towards RHEL6/SL6 for the Linux, second choice would be either Novell SuSE or Oracle 'Unbreakable Linux' and/or OpenSolaris. 2) Leaning towards Scalix for the email package, but not yet totally convinced. 3) Replace the Blackberrys IF necessary - I like the 8100s but they're due for replacement anyway, so I'm willing to start with a clean slate.

    Anybody 'been there done that' in a similar circumstance ? What has worked or hasn't worked for you ?

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    there surely is 1 smartphone a perfect match for any server connection - the Nokia N900 with Maemo5 OS on N900 is a debian based fully functional Linux (pocket)computer with a smart phone. 32GB SSD is enough for all useful mobile tools and additional packages you may want to install as well as the common smartphone apps

    you can install bash, ssh and all the stuff for secure server connection/server control + email + whatever your heart desires
    I use a N900 since approx one year to mobile control my 3 linux servers, do email and much more.

    You can use the N900
    Nokia N900 Technical Specifications : My Nokia Blog
    as a mobile modem for broadband mobile connections of your laptop via USB or Bluetooth
    or do directly server control stuff - specially if on server side you have a set of bash aliases configured for speedy commands

    on my laptop and servers I use opensuse
    and all runs perfectly on a high traffic site on 3 servers with own NS and mail servers, etc
    needless to say I LOVE it, because it's the first time in 14+ yrs of full time web publishing I have what I always wished for = total mobile control for peace of mind when away from my laptop

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