Latest update. I lied to the bios of my Fujitsu st4120, and it tried to boot from the usb cd drive. Unfortunately, all the *buntu based distro's I tried, Mint lxde, Suse, Fedora, and Knoppix couldn't come up with the right video drivers, so I either wound up with a blank screen or one with a lot of lines running up and down it. When I get some more free time, I will experiment with some other distro's. On my Fujitsu Lifebook T4020 notebook/tablet convertible, I have Lubuntu up and running fine.
From what I can tell, Arm based tablets are theoretically possible to put linux on, but the interface between the kernal and the hardware has to be worked out on a case by case basis. If you want to put linux on an Arm based tablet it will take many hours of work, and a fair amount of technical and programming knowledge.