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    Format option for SD card

    I just got a 64 GB card for my tablet and was wondering what I should format it as. People in android forums all say fat32. That sounds a little outdated to me I use linux computers so I don't need Windows to be able to read it . What would be the fastest format?

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    Ultimately it's going to depend on what your tablet's OS supports. If you are using an Android tablet, Will Android read any other non-FAT file-system on SD card? - Android Enthusiasts

    If you're going to be using some other software on the tablet, you should check out which file systems are supported.

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    I'd stick with fat32. It's not a Windows format, it's an industry standard.

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    Hi, electronman6913,

    For all I know, there are four disk type:NTFS,FAT16,FAT32 could be supported in almost all of electronic devices. First you'd better review the specification of your device carefully and then make the right choice.

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    If you need to write files larger than 4GB you should format it as NTFS.

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    You could try and create an ext3 partition on your SD card for a Linux/Android tablet. They should be able to handle that. It will support VERY large files, and much more efficiently than fat32 or ntfs. Just remember that it will not be very accessible to Windows systems ( not a bad thing, IMO ).
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