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    perl on Android mobile??

    I have a rooted Droid 2 and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I am wasting my time trying to get Perl to work. I found the Learn Perl in 10 easy steps lesson here on the site. I read the first two lessons and I'm looking for a platform to play on. I downloaded perl-5.18.0.tar.gz to my sdcard. I know the program needs to be in /xbin/perl. I don't have a compiler yet. I don't know what to do yet with the download either. I'm assuming I can unzip it where it is (/mnt/sdcard/perl) and compile what I need from there. I have to read up more and don't mind doing so, I just don't want to wind up wasting my time.

    Edit: Read the README file after I unzippped it and put it in /sdcard/perl for now. It tells me to use the commands make test and make install in a short script I am to type in to compile and install it. These commands are not listed in /xbin. Are they bash commands? That's where I'm at now?

    Edit: Also found the INSTALL file. This could give me indigestion! Ill have to read it all several times. It covers configuration qiute well enough. I guess my goal is to figure out a sequence for typing the mentioned scripts in, and figuring out what options or features I need as a lot of things listed are unfamiliar.
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    hello and welcome, lizard!

    Have you come across this Google-provided option yet? i haven't tried it myself, but it claims to be what you want.

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    Thanks for the link, I just checked it out. I seen a similar one called the perldroid project I think it was. I still have Eclipse and Java6 on a Windows desktop I used to root my phone a while back. I think ill update my programs and give it a go soon. I was hoping to work using the command line as opposed to from an app, but right now I just want to get into perl without buying another computer. I can always pick up this compile/install turned port job in the background. Thanks again. Ill try to pdate my post.

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