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    Quote Originally Posted by x18fathoms View Post
    I am sick of the iOS on my ipod touch and would prefer to just wipe it and install a form of linux (Or android if I could) on it and run that.

    What can I do from here? Is it hopeless? I hate Apple.
    First, local usb sync was broken from iOS6 to 7,
    Then wireless sync was broken.
    Same happened in iTunes. Apple support forums attracted 245 pages of rants from irate users.
    On iPhone 5, wifi was broken after update
    We were forced into iCloud. Given that only 2/7 of global population have internet, much less with broadband, cloud is a stupid impractical idea now, will be more useful by 2025.
    iCloud corrupted notes, contacts and calendars.
    Sensitive iMessages were relayed to a third party, not by user, but software bug! So much for security.

    Solution? Use Google! Why did we have Apple? To avoid using Google!

    I am using Mint 17 with Thunderbird mail, which has Lightning Calendar and ThunderKeep that even syncs my notes on Google Keep.

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    I have an old iphone 3g and it also has a line across the screen and I was having some issues finding any apps at all and do not favor itunes. but the unit does have life and I use it for a music player and a couple of card games. I did the dual boot with android and it worked fine to boot either but the andriod was a bit wacked as I had the wrong model I think anyway was reading a lot about another hack I think its called worked very well and had access to apps that would not be available generally but eventually I gave in to apple and restored from backup with itunes on an old xp machine I got at a yard sale around the same time. it now hooks to a linux laptop and uses gtkpod to transfer music until it dies. the new iphone does not play well with linux and requires win 7 and I am not a big fan of either but they do of luck.

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