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    Assign directories name into its own file

    Good day all,
    I'm new to this forum.
    I can use the ls command and it will list all directories and files...
    But how does one list only list all directories ending .that and then take the name of each directory and save them to their own file?
    the .that directories are in /var/mobile/
    This needs to be done in a bash script
    and this is done on ios


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    On iOS, I have no earthly idea, and don't even want to know. You need to ask that in an iOS forum.

    On Linux, the command find should do the job, coupled with the > operator. Read the man pages for find and google the redirection operator for Linux. You'll get a better understanding and fuller explanation doing that. Then you'll need to do some research on iOS.

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    Thank you, really I wanted some help to get me on my way.. And you did
    find *.this >> file1 only takes the directories ending in .this and put them all into file1
    how can I take each line in file1 and add them to their own file ending in .txt? In bash lest say you did it on Linux...

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    ls -l | grep '^d' | grep '\.this$'

    The long form of ls, then use grep to get directories only, and use grep again for lines ending in .this

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    I used ls -d *.this >> file1
    And that takes the full directory names ending in .this and amends them to the next free line in file1
    but now I need to take each line out of that file and put them into their own files ending in .found and going up in number so 1.found, 2.found, 3.found etc... Depending on how many are found

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    Is this homework? Homework help is not allowed here...

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    Nar, the only supject I have that envolves computers is graphics... I didn't even think bash was a school thing...

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