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    What is the advantage of Linux to the other products? I am planning to buy a mobile device and I am looking for a comparison )

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    What other products? There is Linux, Android (Linux-based with extra cruft), Chromebook (also Linux with other cruft), Apple OSX or iOS, and Windows 8 or Windows-RT. What kind of mobile device are you considering?
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    My feeling is that iphones and pads are expensive for all that they offer in the way of advantage. the android devices often offer sd cards which can be safely removed and plugged into any computer, where idevices use itunes that require syncing from computer to device. android also offer widgets that allow you to run apps on the home screen like time and weather or music player etc. idevices have just app icons. I am not a fan of win8 or the win phones so can not comment or may be I just did. I have a couple of iphones and android devices and prefer android for useability especially as I like linux os and have issues using apple phones on linux, not that it can not be done but it is easier to just stick an sd card in and copy what you like rather than plug in the device open a program add the stuff to the right place then sync to copy the files. and having to have itunes or equivilent on every computer in order to add a song here and there.

    If you like basic functions and spending money then apple may work for you. idevices have one button so you will not get to confused and only icons so you just pick one and go, if you have one computer preferable apple then itunes is the goto for all your iphone stuff. for me the only thing I like about the iphone is that when I double click the button it shows all running apps and I can swipe up to close them. other than that I prefer the androids..I like samsung but there are lots to chose from.

    on a daily basis I use the apple phone to play cards when I am smoking on the deck and for the rpm app to test the speed of a turntable and use the android phone for out and about because it cost less if lost and does more stuff faster.

    just my opinion but thats all anyone can offer

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    My Chromebook came with 4gig of ram, a keyboard, and hdmi, with ChromeOS.
    It cost less than a new tire for my truck.
    I had to give up a keg beer purchase to buy it.
    I UEFI is childs play compared to rooting and hacking these newer netbooks.
    I imagine Tablets being the same as I own a older Android IView 4 inch Tablet with Android 2.2 that I barely use. My fingers don't interface with
    with the onboard screen so well. But it hooks up to my linux installs OK and has Playstore on it.

    It is a glorified gamer and small web surfer. Doubles as a mp3 player and I watch movies on it also.
    I paid 32 bucks for the tablet and 100 bucks for the Netbook.
    The Netbook was the better buy.
    Because it has longer battery life.
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    Saying "Linux" and "Mobile Device" together is really stretching things a bit. YES, Android IS a Linux Distro of sorts but it's a really locked down Linux Distro, nothing like the Desktop Linux we use on our Laptops and Desktop computers.
    Unlike "Normal" Linux you will need to run some kind of Anti-Virus on your Android Device since they're popular enough for folks to notice them and try to screw with them using malware and such.
    I personally won't get a smart phone until I can install a "normal" Linux Distro on it like the up and coming Ubuntu Touch or similar. It's fun to play with Android x86 via Install on a USB Drive so I can use the OBD II apps and stuff but I'm not going to trust my day to day computing to it just yet.
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