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    carier baseband isolation

    is there any where i can get info on what phones have it?.

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    After some more research it seem no phones do. So..... there is NO such thing as a secure phone????? dose any one know about how to protect your device from this kind of attack?

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    Why is this thread so quiet? has everyone got tired of answering newbie questions? is this a newbie question? or is it just that no one knows the workings of bass band os'es

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    so you throw out a keyword/buzzword and expect everyone to know what you're talking about.

    do the same you would do for a help request:

    - provide useful information, preferably with links

    - ask a clear question

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    Sorry, "Apparently" all phones bar a very small number of privacy centered models have a second "bass band firmware" that acts as a go between for your phone to the strongest mast in your vicinity. this unit has its own cpu/ram, and is running very old firmware that essentially accepts all 2/3/3/4g incoming connections, and has the ability to operate as a key-logger, snoop on phone calls ex ex. essentially you can have all the firewalls you want, but "ANY" gsm signal can acquire root access simply by being the strongest around, your phone will automatically connect to it. hence the question was raised by many, why is there no "bass band isolation" at least that is my understanding. im currently flashing my z3 with a custom rom in the hope to remove carer iq, but that still leavs me with a closed source bass band. if all of the above is true it would make privacy and phones an oxymoron.


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    you can't escape baseband firmware.
    if there's free and open alternatives, i'm keen to know.

    Quote Originally Posted by EndangeredHomosapian View Post
    if all of the above is true it would make privacy and phones an oxymoron.
    it is true.
    oxymoron? don't know. it's all relative.
    smoking one cigarette a day is less dangerous than smoking a packet.
    but i tend to agree.

    thanks for the link.
    it's 5 years old.
    i just tried 2 apps that test for carrier iq and both came up negative on my android 4.4.2 device. but the apps, too, were 5 years old.
    but as you rightly pointed out, it's usally the firmware itself, and there's nothing you can do about it on the operating system side.

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    Ok while on the topic of the NSA compiling, filing, and storing our digital selfs, can we journey just a little farther down the "tinfoil hat road". if one were going to take back there privacy what could they do?, I have heard of people using tablets with separate portable LTE wifi dongle doodl things thinking it will cut out the bass band problem,
    And all tho it sounds like a logical solution to me, "all be it a little incontinent". Im fairly computer illiterate, and have no idea what other back doors are embedded in the devices i use.
    For incidence most of the bass band chips to the best of my knowledge are made by intel, which also make the chip in my pc, and I find the name "INTEL" just a little unsettling. so if theres anyone with a bunch of red pills pleas send them my way as im interested in how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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    Check this out.
    Firm: Phone software sends texts, data to China |

    There is a link to see if your phone is infected.
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