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    Lightbulb Running linux on a Handspring Visor?

    I've heard it's possible. I've even seen pictures of it being done. But how?
    I've got an old Handspring Prisim (color display), and it's effectively useless at the moment. And I would really like to be able to run some flavor of linux on it. More as a toy than anything, but I think it could be a great learning expirence.
    Anyone have any advice as to how to get started? I've checked all the usual sources, but they were very vague as to how to proceed. I think I get the general idea of how it works, but a few tips would be great.
    Thanks folks!

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    What's a Handspring Visor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopin1810
    What's a Handspring Visor?
    a pda, iirc, it is based on a palm.

    @ nwcstledrinkr, I am not sure which processor the visor uses, but I have heard of a project called Familiar which aims to put linux on handheld devices such as pda's, mainly ones with ARM processors. Perhaps you should check it out.
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    Thanks for this topic. I have a Visor Deluxe - but I think I am screwed as the OS is ROM, from what I have read. But this gives me hope in that I can still explore further and see if it *really* is ROM or not.

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    its actually a prom os or programable via a flash utility which extracts through the hotsync app as you will see whenever you update the device. The problem is in the setup and configuration since you cant boot and compile from a live cd you have to get the kernel/filesystem/and configuration right all in one shot i have read of the existence of out of the box distros for the palm devices but not found one however all of the distros are reportedly built using the uClinux kernel source which currently has a 2.4 kernel to support among other imbedded processors the motorola dragonball which is what powers the black screen visors and i believe a newer version of the dragonball is what powers the colored visors as well. the uClinux website is if you wish to try to learn how do install it yourself but it is primarily intended for developers to build linux os's for imbedded devices and not for hacking your existing device so you may have fun figuring out how to configure it for a device not designed for it lol

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