I am interested in building a handheld pc, similar to a pocket pc only running Linux. The only other device that I can think of to start to give you an idea of what I want to build is the Palm Life Drive. http://www.palm.com/us/products/mobi...ive/#footnotes will give you all of the little details that you need on the device. The basic break down is that it is an external hard drive that will play media (movies, music, ect.) you can view photos and images, there is a full office suit and of course the pda stuff (calendar, calc., address book, ect.) you can also check email and surf the web via the internal Bluetooth and wifi. Not bad for a palm device, but I want to do better! I believe that if i use an x-board (http://www.jumptec.de/product/we_docs/xboard.php?lang=e ) and a simple baseboard with these i/o: audio in/out, mic, video (TV) out, ide, power, gpio(video capture), sxga (LCD) usb, Ethernet, watchdog, bluetoth & wifi. [now I haven’t figured out how to connect a simple blackberry thumboard and a “mouse button” so any input would be apriciated] then I’ll be able to develop the smallest handheld linux pc available from off the shelf products. Now comes the part where I need all yall’s help……os…linux. Well I know that I will be running some sort of linux distro but I really don’t know which one. I have been told by a couple of friends that DSL is the best choice. That’s all well and good and I can keep that in my mind as a back up plan, but what I would really want is to have a simple menu based linux os, where you can access everything that you normally would off of a desktop from a series of menus. Kinda like the mce, or freevo, myth tv only instead of being aimed at only one function, like tivo, media, ect., the user would be able to access everything he normally would from the desktop from a menu interface. Or a GUI?(I think) depending upon what is a vailable this will tell me what the requirements are for the x-board and which one I will use which also effects what i/o’s are available. Even finding the dream os is effected by these requirements which I will want to be able to use the device for: movies, music, web surfing, Bluetooth, games (doom, quake, ect.), pda (calendar, calculator, address book, ect.) email, video capture (video, photos), paint, office suit (pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, ect.) skype (web phone & text). I would like to be able to do a few other things but I don’t think that I will be able to due to prossesor speed such as: 3d modeling (gmax, sketch up), web page design (frontpage), photoshop, movie maker, ebay turbo lister, pivot, mplab, ect.. so really this is still just an idea, but with yall’s input I just might be able to make it a reality. So please post your comments below, and If I left something out or i made something a little confusing then please feel free to ask.