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    PDAs and Smartphones

    I am exploring converting my office PC network from MS to a linux-based system. I have a few problems about which I can find no information. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Namely, I use a HP iPAC 6515 to sync with email, calendar, contacts, etc. It uses Windows Mobile OS and runs a slimmed down version of outlook, word, excel, adobe, etc. I can find no linux system for a pocket pc. Is there one? If not is there a way to sync a linux-based desktop with a pocket pc? If not that, can a linux-based desktop sync with any pda? In other words, is there a way -- any possible way -- to use a handheld or pda with a linux system.

    Second, from what I can tell, specialty applications will no

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    I don't know about putting Linux on a Windows-based PDA or syncing a Windows PDA with Linux, but Palm PDAs play nicely with the KDE-PIM suite. They're supposed to also work well with Gnome's PIM apps (mainly Evolution), but I haven't had quite as much success there as with KDE.

    The one notable exception that comes to mind is extracting pictures from a smartphone that has a built-in camera. Last I heard, it still can't be done.
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    Smartphones - wave of the future

    I use the pda/phone for business, not as a toy. So I don't care about the photo exchange with the camera. I'm out of the office quite a bit and support staff books appointments and updates data, contact and calendar info.

    There is an advantange to the smartphone vs. pda. I can sync the HP iPAC with an exchange server via internet from any location and push-button calling and email with MS outlook. The HP iPAC also has a slimmed down word processor and spread sheet. Nice features, but limited. The full versions just won't fit on a pocket pc.

    I used to use a Palm and it gets the basic job done. Still, combining a cell with a PDA and computer fuctions is nice. It's the wave of the future, I suspect.

    Sounds like to make the pocket pc fully functional with a linux-based desktop, we would a linux operating system for designed for the pocket pc, along with comparative applications for the pocket pc, such as calendar and word processing.

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    I found it

    Check this out. These peeps are about to release linux for the pocket pc.

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