I've been attempting to connect the Palm Pilot with the USB ports on my desk top and have had very little success. I am attempting to sync with the Korganizer and other programs that will handle the data that is useful and on the handheld. Have attempted to use the same KPilot program to connect with the Evolution organizer and get a message from Gnome that the KPilot has had a fatal error. Finally gave up even trying to use the Evolution for this reason.
On occassion, I am able to make the connection with the KOrganizer software through the hot sync but most of the time the Kpilot setup simply returns the statement that "can not find device". When it does return a "device found" and then "press the hot sync button" then I get a sync going. Why not all of the time or what is causing this to be intermittent? Perhaps the Pilotlink part of this program needs to be updated. I use the USB ports a lot for printing and other things and they work fine.

Surely someone out there has had this problem and has solved it. How about sharing it with me.

I am running the Suse 9.1 and have plenty of computer on the desk to do whatever is needed. I just need this portion to give me good results ASAP and always. I use this maching in my work and am puzzled.

Thanks for responding, somebody.