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    Most compatible Network Cards?

    I had bought two Linksys Gigabit cards and they never seemed to install right. And I could never compile the drivers even in the latests kernel (be it I'm not the smartest guy at Linux).

    But basically I would like to know what are the most compatible Gigabit network cards that you've found out there? I'm building another smoothwall box for work and I might be having up to 4 NIC's running at the same time, so everything needs to be nice and compatible.

    I also bought two Intel cards but it seems that those wont even load well in smoothwall, I don't know.. It just seems like the Realtek drivers interfere.

    Thanks for any suggestions!!

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    This is an odd sort of question. Surely if you're doing a Smoothwall box (or two) they'll be internet connected at ADSL or bandwidth-limited leased line connection at on end and a lan connection at the other? If they're doing internet speeds (up to maybe 20Mbps as an absolute maximum) at the red interface, why on earth would you need Gigabit lan at green interface?

    My advice is to stick to 100Mbps network cards (Realtek 8139-based are absolutely ubiquitous) and dont try to muck around with gigabit.

    And if you have to have gigabit on these interfaces for some corporate oneupmanship then you dont have to go mad - I use this card for my server, and it worked out of the box using CentOS 4.5 (which isn't even the latest release)
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